SexStory2 » Paying The Rent

Paying The Rent

It looked like being another quiet night together for Miyuke Hamano and Futshime Itagaki.  The two Japanese girls were planning to stay in the flat they rented together and weren't expecting any callers.  They were both fairly shy and were living in a foreign country and so had failed to find friendship beyond each other.  Moreover, both girls were desperately short of money.  Futshime was sprawled on the sofa, staring at a sitcom on the TV and trying to understand the dialogue.  She was quickly eating a Pot Noodle, trying not to taste her cheap but repellent dinner.  A tall, slender girl with a pretty heart-shaped face and short hair, she was wearing black leggings and a thick wool jumper.  Her expression was as inscrutable as ever; she wore her emotions beneath a facade which many found icy.  Miyuke was sat at a table at the rear of the flat's sitting room, huddled over some sketches which were part of her course work.  She was shorter and stouter than her friend, with a podgy, creased young face which was forever smiling anxiously.  Her long black hair was constantly falling into her eyes, to be brushed back by impatient hands.  Over a blouse and jeans she was still wearing her outdoors coat and frequently blew on her fingers to warm them up.  It was the middle of an English winter and the draughty flat was heated only by electric radiators, which the girls barely used because of the cost.  Miyuke and Futshime were both students who had come to London to study at a prestigious art school.  Though they came from well off families, most of their money was swallowed up by tuition fees and visits back home to Japan.  The girls struggled from day to day, enviously watching the tourists from their homeland shopping for expensive clothes and baubles.  The flat itself cost a fortune in rent.  This was why they had failed to make the payments for the past few months.

"Will you turn that telly down please," Miyuke called across, in Japanese.  "I'm trying to concentrate."

Futshime stood up lazily and ambled across to the cheap TV.  She was just adjusting the volume when she heard a noise from outside the room.  She froze, anxiety flitting across her face.

"Was that the front door?" she asked her friend.  Miyuke glanced up, frowning.  She opened her mouth to reply but before she could the living room door was flung open.  Suzy strode it.

Both the Japanese girls jumped at the sight of her.  Suzy Nguimgo struck most people as being an imposing figure.  She was a tall, muscular black woman with powerfully attractive features and her hair pinned tightly back from her hair.  Her masculine build and strong jaw might have been that of an athlete but she carried the air of money, a young professional on the up.  To highlight this she was invariably clad in designer suits - she was now wearing a short-skirted navy blue, pin-striped number together with black tights and high heels - and carried a mobile phone and other props.  Miyuke and Futshime were doubly nervous of Suzy because she was their landlady.  She regularly terrorised the girls, imposing draconian rules, frequently turning up without notice and showing no respect for their privacy.  And there was now the matter of the unpaid rent.

Suzy launched straight into that topic with barely a 'good evening.'  "You," she pointed dramatically at Futshime, "Owe me seven hundred pounds and you, Miyuke, owe me a nice clean grand.  I've listened to your excuses and I've been very patient but enough is enough.  I want cheques in my hand tonight."

"Please, we can't!" Miyuke cried.  "We haven't that money.  Please, we need more time."

"I'm sick of hearing that," Suzy rounded on Miyuke.  "Forever saying you need more time.  Well, you haven't got it.  The money.  Now."

"No, please.."

"What's the point in this," Futshime suddenly shouted.  "We told you.  We got no money.  How can we give you a cheque, we've no money in the bank.  We can't pay your rent.  OK?"

There was a pause of several seconds.  Then Suzy exploded in rage.  She strode over and grabbed Futshime's ear, violently twisted it, and caught her lodgers wrist as she flailed for her face.  "Then get the fuck out!" the black woman yelled, pushing Futshime towards the door.  "Go on, get out of my fucking place.  You too, fatso," she shrieked at Miyuke.  "Both of you pack your fucking things and go."

"Ow!  You bitch!" Futshime fought herself free.  "You've no right.  We live here-"

"Bullshit.  I've every right.  I own this flat.  You pay your rent and you're lodgers.  You don't and you're trespassers.  Understand?  Now pack your fucking things and if you're not gone in ten minutes, I'm calling the police."

"But please," Miyuke cried, running up.  "You can't.  Not like that.  You can't."

"Watch me."

"But where will we go?" the girl wailed despairingly.  Far more proud, Futshime was keeping up her defiant facade but was clearly shocked underneath it.  "We have nowhere.  We will be on the streets."

"I don't care.  I'm not running a fucking dosshouse here.  There's plenty who'd be prepared to pay what I'm asking to live here."

"But we cannot.  Please, I tell you.  If we had money we give it to you.  We have nothing.  What can we do?  We cannot sleep on streets."

Suzy, her composure restored, folded her arms.  She stared down at the two miserable girls with a slight smile playing on her lips.  Though they didn't know it, she would have been very disappointed if they'd been able to pay her.  "All right," she said, circling round the girls and closing the living room door.  "I know a way round this.  If you do everything I say this evening, and never tell a soul about it, I'll let you stay.  I'll even wipe off all your back rent and we can start again on an even keel.  Isn't that nice of me?"

"What do we have-" Miyuke began.

"Shut up, fatty, and I'll tell you.  You can start by taking your jacket off."  The girl obeyed, revealing a grubby tee-shirt.  "Now stand there for the moment.  And you, come with me."  Suzy dragged Futshime over to the table.  She told her lodger to kneel on a chair and lie forwards onto the table top.  When Futshime obeyed her backside stuck in the air.

"What are you doing?" she complained.  "What is this?"

"It's your payment, girl."  Suzy quickly raised her hand and dropped it onto Futshime's backside.  It wasn't a hard blow, and was cushioned by the fabric of the leggings, but Futshime yelped in surprise.

"Ow!  You crazy cow, stop it."  She tried to rise but Suzy pushed her other arm into the small of her back to pin her to the table.

"Shut up and keep still.  Listen, where I come from, if we can't pay a debt with money, other methods have to be found.  Understand?  It's this or the streets for you."  She slapped Futshime's rear a second time, slightly harder.  The girl gave another protesting "Ow!" but lay still on the table top.  Suzy adjusted her position and spanked her tenant several more times, each a little harder than the last.  Futshime gritted her teeth, determined to show no more weakness in front of this crazy woman.  Besides, the spanking wasn't too bad.  It was embarrassing but not especially painful.  Each time Suzy's palm came loudly down onto her cheeks it jolted her, and her flesh was starting to sting a little, but she'd endured worst as a child.  In fact the warm sensation from her backside was almost pleasant.  After a dozen or so slaps, Suzy lowered her arm and stepped back slightly.  Futshime gave a little grunt of triumph and Miyuke asked hesitantly,

"Please?  That's enough?  You let her go now?"

Suzy emitted a great peal of laughter.  "Enough?  You wish.  I've barely warmed up let.  Now let's get these things out of the way."

Futshime felt her leggings being roughly hauled down.  Then the hem on her pants were gripped and the garments were pulled down to her knees.  She cried out in protest but Suzy was too quick for her, catching her arm and twisting it behind her back.  The black woman held her firmly, one bony elbow pressing into Futshime's neck and pinning her onto the hard table top.  She swung her other arm and there was a loud slap as her palm hit the bare buttocks.  Futshime gave a little whimper.  Without protection, the smack was a lot more painful - but that was nothing compared to the pain of being exposed like this, trapped in such a humiliating position.  Another attempt to escape got her absolutely nowhere; Suzy was pinning her completely immobile and all she could do was try and endure the punishment.  More spanks followed in rapid succession.  They had lost the half-playful quality of the earlier blows and were delivered with all Suzy's strength.  Futshime soon lost count of them - ten, twenty, how many more?  The stinging from her buttocks was growing and growing, steadily built by the incessant blows.  At first her skin prickled with pins and needles, then a warmth started, building in heat until it became almost unendurable.  And still the smacks kept coming.  Futshime's backside was starting to feel incredibly tender; each time the hand struck it seemed to go straight through her with a hard stab of pain.  It also covered every part of her cheeks, with Suzy letting no part of the skin escape.  Futshime was still determined to show no weakness but was definitely starting to struggle.  Her teeth were locked tightly, her eyes screwed up and each time a fresh blow arrived she gave an agonised little grunt. 

Finally Suzy released her grip on the girl and straightened up.  Futshime lay still, panting and shuddering slightly.  Her protruding backside was glowing scarlet, ugly blotches covering the yellowish skin.  Despite the chill of the flat, her face was running with sweat.  Suzy watched her for a moment, rubbing some feeling back into her palm, then darted out into the hallway.  She returned holding a large sports bag she must have left there.  To Miyuke's horror, the first item she pulled out was a black leather dog collar with a leash attached.  Suzy fastened the collar around Futshime's neck and pulled it tight.  Futshime was shook out of her torpor by the pressure and tried to squirm round but Suzy gripped the leash tightly and kept her control.  She dragged the Japanese girl to her feet, half-choking her in the process.  Miyuke had never seen such a pitiable figure as the one on the end of the leash..  Futshime's head had dropped, her hair fell over her eyes and all defiance had fled her once-proud face.  Her bare vagina and legs mocked the lumpy, asexual jumper she still wore.  She did indeed look like a dog; one passively waiting the next command.  And the next command was to be led into a corner of the room, turn round and bend over so that her glowing backside was exposed.  Suzy fixed her in that position by tying the end of the leash in a tight knot around one of her ankles.  Futshime was forced to grip her knees to support herself and her miserable face could be seen through her open legs.  After stroking her backside for a few moments, Suzy gave it a final ringing slap and turned round.

Next to be produced from her bag was a silver-backed hairbrush.  Miyuke quailed as Suzy advanced and the hitherto innocuous brush suddenly assumed menacing proportions.

"That's right," the landlady mocked.  "I'm not going to groom you with this.  Though God knows, you need it.  Take off your jeans and pants."

Miyuke meekly did as she was told, fumbling at her clothes with shaking hands.  Tears were running down her cheeks as she stood humiliated in front of the elder woman.

"Oh, stop your snivelling," Suzy snapped.  "You'll soon have something proper to cry about."  With that she spun Miyuke round and pushed her head first over the back of the sofa.  The girl doubled up so her backside was left sticking up in the air.  She barely had time to recover her breath before the first blow landed.

It and the few which followed were intense jolts which stung like a thousand tiny needles.  After that they grew worst.  Suzy swung the hairbrush with force and terrible thoroughness, brining its metal with deafening cracks onto the upturned cheeks.  Miyuke couldn't see how her skin quickly assumed a deep red flush.  All she knew was the pain mounting and intensifying with each blow until it became unbearable.  She hadn't been hit since she was a little girl, and then only a few warning slaps from her father.  This was different, a relentless and agonising progression of blows.  All her backside ached intensely and the pain spread throughout her body.  She screamed every time the hairbrush landed, pounding her fists on the sofa cushions and pleading fruitlessly with her tormentor.  Once she prayed that Futshime, her protector in England, would save her.  Then she remembered; Futshime was trussed up in the corner of the room, as much at Suzy's mercy as she was.

She didn't know how many blows she took.  But finally the hairbrush was lowered.  The aching in her backside was so great that Miyuke didn't notice until Suzy pulled her back up.

"And no," she was told by a taunting voice.  "You still can't go yet."  Suzy pushed Miyuke down so she was sitting on the floor.  The girl gasped at the weight on her injured buttocks but Suzy warned her to stay in position or face the consequences.  Then she strode back to Futshime.

Helplessly, both Japanese girls watched the strong arm being risen and the hairbrush swing through the air again.  Futshime grunted in agony as it hammered onto her already-sore cheeks.  The arm rose and fell like a machine, beating down with terrible regularity.  Miyuke could see her friend's face twitching in agony between her outstretched legs, her eyes screwed tight, cheeks twisted into deep lines and lips parted wide.  It was horrible to watch but somehow Miyuke couldn't look away.  She knew Suzy was also looking at the sight, and seemed to be deeply savouring it.  Miyuke grew fearful as she guessed the extent of the black woman's sadism.  Still the loud cracks continued to ring out with clockwork precision; Futshime's backside was covered utterly with bruises and red blotches.  Finally the force of the blows or the failing strength was too much for the girl.  She toppled over and landed in an awkward, half-coiled position on the floor, still constrained by her bonds.  To Miyuke's horror, Suzy crouched down beside her and rolled her onto her front.  And the inexorable beating continued.  Suzy was like a hunter striking time after time to ensure its prey was slain.  If her objective was the abject surrender of her victim, she soon got it.  The last of Futshime's resistance was beaten away.  The girl threshed about on the floor, wailing loudly and pleading pitifully for mercy.  Miyuke caught a glimpse of her friend's face as her head tossed convulsively up.  It was almost unrecognisable, twisted by pain and misery.

Finally Suzy rose.  Leaving one victim limp and sobbing on the floor, she turned back to Miyuke.  She grabbed the Japanese girl by her wrist and pulled her into the hallway.

"Well now, my little friend, it's time for you to contribute again."  Miyuke started to whimper but Suzy shushed her.  "Stop your squealing.  It'll do you no good.  Now take that blouse off.  That's right, your blouse.  And your bra had better come off too.  Come on girl, move it."

Miyuke obeyed with trembling fingers and watched in dismay as each garment was taken from her and flung away.  She was left completely naked except for her socks and stood in total humiliation.  Her head dropped in shame as Suzy dispassionately scrutinised her.  Miyuke was short and chubby with very small breasts and thighs still inflated by puppy fat.

"Well, you're no beauty of the Orient are you?" the black woman muttered.  "OK, stand on the second step of the staircase.  Now lean forward over the banister.  All the way, for Christ's sake."  Suzy pushed Miyuke's head and shoulders down so that the girl was doubled up over the rail.  The hard wood pressing into her fleshy stomach and her long black hair cascaded to the ground.  She was aware that her tender bottom was exposed to the world, but her main trouble was the struggle for breath in the position.  She felt her landlady grip her wrists and tie a leather cord around each.  The other ends were tied to her ankles so that Miyuke was trapped completely.  "Now wait there," Suzy commanded, then laughed.  "Not that you've much choice." 

Trembling with cold and fear, Miyuke waited.  Presently Suzy returned from the living room, dragging Futshime on her lead behind her.  Raising her head, Miyuke saw that her friend's hands were tied behind her back, and that objects covered her nipples.  When she looked closer Miyuke realised that they were long metal clamps, which must have been biting agonisingly into the flesh.  Miyuke shuddered involuntarily.  Suzy tied the end of the lead to a railing higher up the stairs.  It fixed Futshime facing Miyuke and in an awkward position, forced to stand on tip-toes to avoid being choked by the collar.  Her eyes widened slightly with effort but she made no other reaction to her total, ongoing chastisement; all feeling seemed to have been beaten from her.  While Miyuke was staring with horror at her friend, Suzy rummaged in her bag again and held up in triumph a riding crop.  She flourished in front of Miyuke's eyes, smiling cruelly as the girl began struggling frantically.

"No, please," she begged frantically.  "No, please.  Not that.  Too much."

"Oh, stop your whining.  I won't do too much.  Just what I'm owed."  Suzy climbed up so that she was several steps above her bound tenant.  Below her protruded the meaty buttocks of the Japanese girl, still reddened from the previous beating.  Suzy rested the riding crop lightly on the flesh.  She smiled again as Miyuke whimpered at the very touch of the hard wood.  Then Suzy slowly raised her arm, froze for a second and brought the crop down with brutal force.

"Aaaargh!"  Miyuke couldn't stop a howl of pain escaping when the crop hit her skin.  It was worst than she could imagine - a line of pure agony which soured through her body.  She tossed her hair and frantically tried to escape, but only managed to make the cords dig in tighter.  Eventually the pain grew more bearable and Miyuke subsided, sobbing a little.  She then heard Suzy casually remark,

"Holler like that again and you'll get it twice as bad.  Understand?"

No sooner had she finished speaking then the crop landed again.  It hit almost the same spot as the first and caused the agony to return tenfold.  Miyuke squealed again but, remembering Suzy's warning, clamped her jaws shut before the third stroke.  She kept her teeth clench until the muscles ached for the rest of the beating, though her breath escaped in harsh grunts each time the crop hit.  It was an ordeal that the poor girl thought would never end.  Suzy gave her slow, measured strokes, allowing the pain of each to grow to its crescendo before applying the savage wood again.  Each time was slightly worst than the last and each time Miyuke could barely cope with it, her mind filled with the agony.  Her backside felt like it was on fire, a steady burning which was stoked up by new flashes of pain. 

Suzy could see some of Miyuke's upturned face between her legs and the rails and stole occasional glances at it; at the girl's tightly screwed eyes, her bared and clenched teeth, her flushed and contorted features, the tears squeezing out of her lids and the snot spitting from her nose.  The landlady was enjoying herself immensely.  She loved the jolt against her arm each time she hit, loved watching Miyuke's flesh ripple and bounce under the cane, loved seeing the angry white line in its wake which slowly coloured into red.  She smiled in ecstasy and applied the crop again and again.  Soon narrow weals were raised all across the girl's backside, the flesh in between them scarlet and sore.  Suzy changed her stroke slightly so the crop hit diagonally across the existing marks, leaving a criss-cross pattern.  She then brought several blows onto Miyuke's chubby thighs, plunging the girl into even greater anguish.  Her own arm starting to ache, Suzy paused.  She was delighted with the way the evening was progressing.  A little more treatment for this little minx, then give Futshime can have a taste of the crop, and then... Almost laughing out loud, she raised her arm. 

Then she froze.  Behind her came the sound of a key turning in the front door.  Before Suzy could react, a voice bellowed,

"What's going on here then?"

Miyuke was too sunk in her misery to register much but Futshime stared at the door with wild hope.  Striding into the hall was a powerful, butch white woman in her early forties, wearing a scruffy overcoat and jeans.  She had cropped blond hair and heavy, masculine features, which changed from anger into malicious humour as she fully took in the situation.  "Though I hardly need to ask," she continued in a cultured voice as she shut the door.  "Back to your old ways, eh?" she asked Suzy.  The landlady was still holding the crop raised and seemed gripped by panic.  "All right, put that thing down now."

Suzy dropped the crop and stammered "It's not-" but a gesture from the newcomer silenced her.  The elder woman pulled Miyuke's head up, stared for a second at the creased features and addressed both Japanese girls.

"Maybe I should introduce myself.  My name is Fiona Parker and I'm the owner of this property.  You two, I take it, are tenants of mine.  Now I have to ask, is this happening with your consent?"

"No, no consent, she's beating us, she's hurting us-" Futshime began, to be angrily interrupted by Suzy.

"They've given their fucking consent.  They might not like it but they agreed to it."

"It's her, she said she'd throw us out-"

"Of course I did, you little cow, you hadn't paid your rent in months-"

"All right," Fiona cut in.  "I think I see what's going on here.  Suzy, I want to speak to you.  Upstairs."

The two women climbed the stairs, leaving the girls bound to the banisters.  Miyuke's head dropped again and through the hair falling over her face deep sobs could be heard.  Futshime stared helplessly at her friend's scarlet backside.  She tried offering reassurances in their own tongue but her own misery robbed them of conviction.  Fiona frightened her almost as much as Suzy did.  The white woman couldn't mean them any good, or else she would have untied them.  The two bitches were in together from the start, Futshime decided.  Or even if they weren't, Suzy would be giving her side of the story and Fiona would believe her employee over a couple of strangers.  She and Miyuke would be beaten even more and probably turned out in the street at the end of it.  Bruises were starting to further discolour Miyuke's backside.  Futshime felt there was no way she could have taken that - her own rear still ached intensely from the hairbrush and that had lasted a shorter time.  In her mind's eye she relived the sight of Suzy swinging again and again with the riding crop, the horrible smack which had echoed through the hallway.  Futshime's eyes filled with tears again.  She wished she'd never come to this country with its terrible cruel women and-

"Oh, stop blubbering, girl," said Fiona, who had silently descended the stairs.  She unpicked the knots of the ropes holding and pulled the girl upright.  Still crying, Miyuke slumped against the wall, gingerly rubbing her injured backside.  "There's plenty who pay good money for what you've been through," Fiona declared as she untied Futshime.

"Please," the latter begged.  "We go now?  Please?"

"Don't be so timid.  I'm not going to hurt you.  In fact, I've got a treat for you.  But first there's some cold cream in the bathroom.  It will make the stinging less acute."

The girls dumbly followed Fiona, bent over the bath and let her rub the cream into their cheeks.  Her touch was surprisingly gentle, and they both gasped as she massaged the cooling substance into their tender skin.  Fiona then allowed them to dress, though Miyuke merely put her blouse back on - she still didn't want anything touching her bottom.

"Now come to the master bedroom," Fiona smiled.  "I think you'll enjoy this."

Neither girl had before been into the large bedroom at the front of the house.  Suzy occasionally slept in it but it was usually kept locked.  Just outside the door Fiona stopped and turned.  "I think I ought to explain.  Suzy told me that you submitted to her punishment to settle your unpaid raid.  I agree that it's a valid settlement.  I also think you have paid in full and can consider your slate wiped clean.  However, the debt was owed to me.  I am the owner of this house and Suzy merely my agent.  Yet Suzy alone benefited from the pavement.  Therefore she owes me.  I now intend to collect.  You may enjoy watching."

She pushed the door open and the two Japanese girls gasped at the sight inside.  Neither had ever seen Suzy in anything other than her sleek designer wear, her power-dressing suits and shot skirts.  But she was now stripped naked, exposing her tall, thin frame, her chocolate skin, her small breasts and the triangle of black hair between her legs.  She stood just in front of a double bed and looked like a soldier on parade; upright, arms by her side, face fixed ahead.  Slightly spoiling the picture was a single tear rolling down her cheek.

"She isn't so frightening now, is she, girls?" Fiona gloated.  Suzy continued to stare at the wall, her handsome face drawn with tension.  "Turn around, Suzy.  Now lean over the bed."

To the girls' astonishment, their landlady mutely complied.  She rested her weight on her long arms and her shapely chocolate buttocks stuck in the air.  Fiona approached her, arm outstretched, and gently pressed the riding crop against her flesh.  Suzy shuddered at the feel of it; Miyuke watched her brows contract fearfully.  Then Fiona struck.  She gave Suzy twenty hard blows across her backside, timing and placing the strokes with clinical precision.  At first Suzy seemed to try and mask her feelings but after the sixth she gave a squeal and the tenth to twentieth were all accompanied by loud shrieks.  Miyuke marvelled at the reduction of the proud, haughty woman who had dominated her.  Suzy's head was tossing in agony, her eyes screwed up and her wide lips stretched apart and twitching madly.  As red weals blossomed across her brown skin she stamped her foot madly to contain the pain and screwed her hands into tight fists.  Down and down the crop came; Miyuke could tell that Fiona was putting all her considerable strength into each one.  The sound of the leather hitting flesh was mesmeric and Miyuke realised she could watch the scene forever-

"...I think it's only fair, don't you?" Startled, Miyuke realised that Fiona was addressing her and Futshime. 


"I said, would you girls like to join in?  After what she put you through, I can't have all the fun."

Futshime was already eagerly taking her shoe off.  Miyuke hesitated, contradictory feelings running through her.  She wasn't cruel and knew only too well what Suzy must have been suffering.  Yet the desire for revenge was great.  The black woman waited motionless, her eyes still tightly shut.  Either she didn't realise what was going on or she was so completely in Fiona's control that she was helpless.

"All right," Miyuke said meekly.

"Good girl.  Now take your shoe off and use that.  And stand beside me.  Futshime, you go on the other side.  Now we must get this right or we'll end up hitting each other.  Only strike when I say your name, no other time.  And please, hit her as hard as you can.  She can take it."

Suzy could take it, but only barely.  Under Fiona's supervision her backside was subjected to a systematic, unrelenting rain of blows.  First Miyuke's shoe connected, then the more focused bite of the riding crop, then Futshime's shoe slapped across the cheeks.  One struck, the other, the third; there was scarcely a pause between them.  Miyuke's first few blows were weak and hesitant, but under Fiona's encouragement they became harder until they were landing with ringing slaps.  Before long the whole of Suzy's backside was glowing scarlet, the raised red lines only the more intense part of the overall flush.  The landlady had abandoned all hope of dignity and punctuated her screams and squeals with desperate pleas for mercy.  They were in vain but Miyuke cherished the sound of them.  For the first time in her life she understood what it was to have another person at her mercy.  She revelled in the sense of power.  Suzy, proud, terrifying Suzy was begging her to stop.  Strange feelings were moving through Miyuke and the pain from her own backside was supplanted by a growing sense of arousal.  Again she raised her shoe, preparing to bring it down-

"But wait!" Fiona suddenly cried.  The two Japanese girls froze, both their arms raised.  "I've just thought.  If Suzy was collecting my rent from you, in the form of pain, that means you are taking it back from her.  And that means you still owe me something.  A look of horror descended on her young lodgers' faces and Fiona laughed.  "Don't you agree?"

"But..." Futshime protested helplessly.  "But you told us to..."

"Yes, and you did what I said.  Good girls.  And if you want to continue living here, I suggest you continue being good girls.  Start by removing your clothes again.  I think it's time we settled these debts once and for all."

The girls continued to moan their protests but to no avail.  They realised they had been tricked, overtaken by their desire for revenge on Suzy and not guessing Fiona was just as cruel.  They stripped naked again and tearfully waited in the chilly bedroom for their ordeal to begin.  Suddenly the aches and pains from their backsides seemed as bad as ever and they fearfully eyed Fiona's riding crop.

Suzy was untied and ordered to rise, which she did laboriously.  She stood in front of Fiona utterly humbled, her once-haughty face clouded with pain.  However, she shot the Japanese girls a look of triumphant malice. 

"I saw that," Fiona said sharply.  "There'll be none of that.  Hold out your right hand."  Suzy did so reluctantly; and quick as a cobra the crop whistled onto the chocolate palm.  Suzy gave a snort of pain, tossing her head back convulsively.  "Now your left."  The procedure was repeated and Suzy gained a bright red mark on each palm.  "Now kneel down over the bed and lean forward onto the mattress.

Suzy did as she was told, leaving her striped backside protruding into the air.  Then Miyuke was ordered to climb on top of her, adopting the same position.  The girl looked incredulous but clumsily did as instructed, lying on top of Suzy's back with her face muzzled in her former tormentor's hair.  Fiona spent a little time readjusting their positions so each was facing straight ahead, their arms stretched in front of them and their wide open legs hanging down from the end of the bed.  She then tied Miyuke to it, lashing her wrists to the headboard and each of her ankles to a leg.  Finally she ordered Futshime to climb onto the mattress and hauled her on top of Miyuke.  The girl wobbled unstably but Fiona quickly bound her tight in the same manner as her friend.  Fiona looked at the bizarre mound she had built and laughed.  From the rear it was a multi-coloured column of backsides and outstretched legs, yellowish skin contrasting with rich brown and all bearing the red marks of punishment.  Fiona then rested a mirror on the headboard so she could see the expressions of her three captives.  Suzy was clearly struggling for breath under the weight, Miyuke was wide-eyed and anxious, Futshime flushed and embarrassed.  The 'meat in the sandwich', Miyuke felt a strange sensation of arousal growing in her.  She felt Futshime's nipples and vagina pressing into her and the vibrancy of her soft skin.  And beneath was Suzy's powerful back, the muscles of her shoulder blades knotted with tension.  The breathing of the trio unconsciously synchronised and Miyuke relaxed slightly, feeling at one with the other two, her pain and humiliation momentarily forgotten...

And then there came the sharp whistle of the riding crop flying through the air and it all returned to Miyuke.  The breathing of the three captives suddenly quickened and Miyuke began giving sharp, agonised gasps.  Not again, she silently screamed, I can't take this all again.  Fiona swished the crop again, letting the anticipation grow.  The buttocks of Futshime, the only one who could moved at all, quivered as her legs twitched, helplessly straining at her bonds.  Suddenly Fiona swung the crop in earnest, landing it across Miyuke's plump backside.  As the flesh wobbled an agonised shudder ran throughout the girl's body and she let out a strangled cry.  Slowly the red mark the crop left reddened, joining the clusters of marks already present.  Fiona swung the crop three quick times in succession, each time striking Suzy's cheeks.  The black woman gave a gasp of pain with each, her breaths coinciding with the sharp crack of leather hitting flesh.  Fiona gave Miyuke another stroke, then concentrated on the orbs at the top of the heap.  She hit Futshime twelve times in total, with barely a pause between the strokes.  the first six she placed squarely across the girl's discoloured buttocks.  The dozen was completed with sharp, downward strokes onto the back of her thighs.  Futshime was left squealing in pain, her head tossing wildly and saliva flying from her lips.  The other two felt her writhing madly above them; it seemed that her threshing would bring the whole pile down but Fiona had bound them tight. 

Fiona was beginning to sweat slightly and a strong feeling of arousal was growing in her.  To begin with she had been playing with herself with her free hand but no longer dared touch between her legs, worried of bringing herself to climax too soon.  She began giving Miyuke and Suzy alternate strokes, turning the yellowish skin and the chocolate one a similar shade of red.  Miyuke screamed loudly with each blow but still Fiona would emit nothing but a faint moan.  For a time it irked her - one Japanese girl was shrieking, the other was still sobbing but the black woman seemed to be defying her.  She began concentrating on Suzy, flinging the crop across with all the force she could muster.  Ten, twenty times the leather cracked onto the flesh, the jolt of the impact echoing up Fiona's arm.  A busy cluster of red lines covered the coffee orbs and still Suzy made no loud reaction.  Fiona paused and walked to the front of the bed.  What she saw satisfied her.  Suzy's face, pressed into the mattress, was a picture of agony.  Her thick lips were twisted back to reveal clenched, white teeth, her eyes were screwed shut and the proud cast of her face contorted by pain.  There was no defiance there, simply abject defeat. 

Fiona realised she should cherish the differing reactions to the crop.  She began running it up and down the pile, striking her prisoners at random.  Each brought their unique cry of pain; Miyuke's loud screams, Futshime's childish squeals, Suzy's agonised grunts.  Fiona could control them and bring forth the sound and rhythm she desired.  She felt like a master musician, playing an instrument never dreamt of in the world before.  Give me twenty girls, she thought, and I can create an orchestra... Ah, well.  She had other properties and she would get more still.  And ideally fill them with poor, vulnerable foreign students.  She played her instrument until she could no longer contain the swelling climax inside her.  Merely brushing her clitoris through her skirt brought it to a crescendo.  The striped, shuddering heap waited oblivious as Fiona lowered her crop and briefly closed her eyes, overcome by pleasure.  Finally she came to her senses again.  Reluctantly she began to untie the assorted arms and legs from the bed.

They lined up in front of her, naked, weeping, beaten, fearfully touching their throbbing backsides.  Fiona surveyed them with her hands on her hips.

"Very well," she said.  "That wasn't too bad, was it?  Suzy, put some clothes on and come with me.  We've got a lot to discuss.  Girls, I'll be round next month to collect your rents.  Suzy may accompany me.  Of course, if you're still unable to pay we can make... other arrangements again."

She read the expression on her lodgers' faces.  They would definitely find the money for her next month.  Yes, she was determined to get some more properties.

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