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       It had been awhile since John had taken her on a date night.  After two years of marriage the flame had started to die out and she was desperate to get it going again.  She had done everything she could to look amazing for the date.  She wore a new, sexy black dress and three inch heels.  Her auburn hair, she had twisted and pinned beautifully up the back of her head and had little ringlets coming out of the top of the twist.  She wore more makeup than she normally would, but the simple eyeliner and mascara would have seemed too plain compared to everything else.  When she had put on the simple pearl necklace that John had given her for their first anniversary.  But John had kissed her neck gently and taken it off.  

“I want your neck bare tonight” He had whispered softly in her ear.  Beth was confused but let it go.  She was more excited about going out for the night than she was about a necklace.  

When Beth felt she was ready and looking the best she could she went and found John.  She turned for him letting the hem of her dress fly up revealing her black lace panties beneath.  John took her in his arms and kissed her.  She could feel the bulge in his pants start to grow, much to her delight.  

“I have something for you.”  He kissed the top of her head.  Beths heart skipped a beat.  Had this been the reason that he had not wanted her to wear the necklace?  Had he gotten her something better to replace it with?  John turned back to her producing two boxes.  The first box was the size, shape, and color of a Tiffanys ring box.  Excitement coursed through her body as she opened it.  A small copper egg lay inside.  She picked it up and noticed the weight of it.  She looked at John confused.  “Put it inside you.”  She stared at him still confused.  She watched as he looked down toward her core.  

Fear flushed through her cheeks.  “You want this in there?”  She whispered out of disbelief.  He nodded.  With shaking fingers she took the small yet heavy egg and pressed it into her vagina.  She was surprised to find herself already wet enough that it slipped in easily.  She found that she had to think about it to keep it in due to the weight.  The egg was big enough and heavy enough that she would be thinking about it all night.  

“There,” he kissed her forehead “much better.”  He handed her the second box.  Like the first the box was surprisingly heavy for being Tiffanys.  But this one was quite larger.  A necklace box perhaps.  With timid fingers she opened it.  It was a necklace... of sorts, she guessed.  She picked it up examining it.  The more she looked at it the more it looked like a collar.  It too was copper and it had a ring at the front.  “Shall we put it on?”  

I look at him confused.  This was his present?   Over the past two years of their married lives, John had grown more and more interested in tying her up during sex.  She tolerated it though it did not do much for her.  He had talked occasionally about showing her off or making her his slave or pet.  Beth had smiled and discussed it, trying to humor him.  Hoping it would turn him on enough that he would have sex with her again.  But she would have never really thought that he meant it.  

John picked the collar up out of the box and pulled it open.  He walked behind her and looped it around her neck.  She heard it click shut.  He paused for a moment still holding the collar.  “You know what?  I think that it might be better if you watch this part...”  John came around, facing her.  Beth was panicked.  What was he doing?  He produced a small bottle of super glue and coated something small with it.  John pressed her to the wall with his body.  He placed the small object the tiny hole where the collar comes together.  He then pulled a screwdriver out of his pant pocket and screwed the tiny, super glue covered piece of metal in place.

Then it hit her, he does not intend for this to ever come off.  There is no way.  Not even if she took a screwdriver and tried to undo it would it ever come out.  

“Good girl he whispered.  He set the screwdriver on the table beside me and reached in his pocket again.  This time he produced a small remote control.  He pressed a button and my entire body erupted as the copper egg began to vibrate.  The sensation was maddening.  John took my hand and began to pull me to the door.  He opened the door and a taxi sat waiting in the driveway.  She looked at him inquisitively but he said nothing.  He stood outside the door and stared at it.  She sat there looking at it too until Beth realized what he expected.  She opened the door for him and he, wordlessly, climbed in.  Shutting  the door after him and went around to the other side and climbed in.  

He handed the address to the driver and they were off.  A few minutes into our drive John handed her a slip of paper.  She read it.  Take off your underwear.  With disbelief she looked at him but he just stared straight ahead.  When made no move was made to take off the lingerie he again produced the remote.  He pressed a button that turned off the egg then he pressed another button.  A painful shock went through the collar.  She yipped in pain, trying not to let the driver know.  He handed yet another slip of paper to her.  That was the lowest setting.  Quickly, she  took off my underwear and tried to hand them to him.  He looked at her without taking them.  “Where do you expect me to put them”  Beth asked slightly frustrated.  He opened his mouth. Disbelief and fear filled her.  This is too much. She thought,  I cannot put my panties in my mouth.  He held up the controller again and slowly moved to press the button.  “Fine!” She whispered before he could get there.  Bending over as discreetly as possible and out of sight of the driver, Beth filled her mouth with the black lace.  She squirmed as she felt the egg start again between her legs.  Again he patted my head and whispered good girl.

They sat silent as the driver continued on, unaware of Beths predicament.  

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