SexStory2 » Inappropriate Familial Gang-Rape of Daughter Story

Inappropriate Familial Gang-Rape of Daughter Story

Description: In this story, Sandra’s family conspires to rape and enslave her, for no particular reason other than that she is beautiful and they are horny psychopaths.

An important disclaimer: Everything in this story is purely fantasy, and should never happen in real life. Each character and event is purely fictional. The plot involves actions which are immensely, inexcusably morally wrong. If you have any hesitation about this distinction between fantasy and real life, or about the distinction between right and wrong, you must stop reading now and should seek counseling. An additional note: no character in this story should be assumed to be underage in any legal jurisdiction.


Richard's daughter Kimberly was very beautiful. It was hard to resist her entreaties. When she let loose the pleading eyes, the troubled, nervous grin, looking up at him with her breasts in view below the curve of her neck, lightly brushing against his thighs, how could he say no to anything she asked?

His wife Amanda, impishly grinning her approval while nuzzling Kimberly's neck and kissing her ear, failed to make it any easier for him to refuse the request.

"Please, Daddy?" begged Kimberly, her warm hands grasping the base of his cock, her thumbs lightly stroking the underside in a pleasurably unsteady rhythm. "Can we please rape her? Please?"

"Her," in this case, referred to Sandra, her older Sister--Richard's other daughter. Richard grimaced, then grinned in frustration. "Not this conversation again!"

Amanda looked up from ministering gentle kisses to her daughter. "I think she's right, Rich. I think we should do it."

Richard had been standing in front of his bed while his wife and daughter teased his dick and played with each other. He plopped down, now, and insisted, "We've already gone through this. She's not like us. It would be wrong to do any of..." he gestured at the two, "this... to her. She wouldn't like it."

Kimberly climbed up and sat next to him, one of her hands continuing to stroke his cock as she leaned into him. "But Daddy, I know she won't like it. That's why it's called rape!"

Amanda took a position at Kimberly's feet, and began kissing her daughter's thighs, talking as she did so. "Exactly. It's time one of the Sternson girls got a real raping!"

The three of them had played at rape before, of course. Both mother and daughter had acted out rape scenes with Rich and with each other. Indeed, once Kimberly had confessed her rape fantasies, Rich and Amanda had conspired without her knowledge for her next birthday to be spent "kidnapped," tied to their bed and repeatedly beaten and fucked in every orifice. It had been an excellent scene which they'd relived several times (the first time with Amanda unwittingly being attacked by the other two and put in her daughter's place on the bed). But it was just a fantasy enactment. They were pretending to rape each other. It wasn't actual rape.

What Kimberly and her mom wanted was the experience of actually raping a girl. Neither of them could do this to the other--each was too perfectly happy to let the other have their way with her.

"That's the one thing you can't give me, Daddy," said Kimberly, taking her mom's hair and drawing her upwards along her own thighs. "You can never rape me, because I'd never say no. But you can give that to Sandra. She's rapeable! And so fucking hot! We've got to do this!"

"But it would be wrong!" he protested again. "How could we live with ourselves afterward? How could we live with her?"

But now Amanda's mouth was at Kimberly's pussy. Kimberly hissed, then said "Wait a sec, don't talk to me." Closing her eyes and concentrating on her mom's tongue touching her clit, she moaned, then said "Kiss me Dad." He obliged, leaning over and kissing her deeply while she continued to stroke his cock and recieve her mother's ministrations.

After a minute or two of kissing, he sat up and watched his daughter begin tensing up in preparation for an orgasm. He detached his cock from her hand and grabbed his belt from off of the ground. When she saw it in his hand she cried "Oh shit" and looked away. He raised the belt and began whacking her with it across the pelvis, the tummy, the breasts, and back. Her protesting whimpers and squeals of course only encouraged him to hit her faster and harder. Eventually, both despite and because of the pain of his blows, her torso involuntarily cramped forward as she began to build to orgasm, her legs raising up and clamping on either side of her mother's head, her hands reaching down and grasping her mother's hair. Then her body practically exploded outward as her back arched and her limbs flailed for purchase on whatever surface they could find.

Amanda grinned up at Kimberly while Kimberly finally fell down from her arch-backed position and spent several minutes recovering. "My turn's next," she said, to which Kimberly replied with a breathless "I know, mother."

Amanda and Kim had on previous occasions brought up the possibility of them actually kidnapping someone and having their way with her. But all three of them saw that this was probably not wise. They'd have to either let her go or keep her, and both possibilities presented intractable consequences. This, according to the two of them, was why it was such a perfect idea to rape Sandra instead. She already lived with them. There'd be no difficult questions about what to do with her afterward. They could just keep her--she was in the family already anyway!

When Kimberly had reached a reasonable level of recovery, she propped herself up on an elbow and asked her dad, "I mean, what do you have against fucking her? You fuck me, and I'm your daughter just like her."

"True enough," he replied. "But I fuck you with your permission. It would be different if we didn't have her permission."

"You really think I was in a position to give 'permission' when you guys started doing this to me?"


They had been hiding cameras in the girls rooms for years, mostly for security purposes, but lately to supplement their porn watching habits as Kimberly, they had discovered, had very few inhibitions about being naked and masturbating in her own room. Watching her get off on camera led to an intense desire to see her nude body in person. It had been Amanda who first brought up the idea of incorporating some kind of punishment scene involving Kimberly into their own sex play. Kimberly wouldn't even have to know sex was involved--they would just be punishing her for whatever bad things she happened to be doing on any given day--and if they said she had to lower her pants to her ankles, or even get completely naked, for the punishment--well, who was she to challenge her parents?

On their first night, they had intended simply to introduce her to the idea of getting spanked. The pretext had been the fact that she hadn't cleaned her room. They took turns spanking her over the pants, and as planned, had her lower her pants down just over the buttocks for the final round of spankings. Kimberly had been abjectly mortified by this, and as soon as the spanking was over, pulled her pants right back up and practically ran, weeping into her room.

If Richard and Amanda had felt any remorse, it was quickly dispelled by what they saw next on Kimberly's camera. The moment she entered her room, her pants were right back off and she was leaning over her bed, one hand between her thighs, wildly masturbating. Then with the other hand she reached under her pillow for the dildo they already knew she kept there--and, climbing onto her bed, lay on her back and continued stroking her clit while putting the dildo up against her other hole.

This was new.

Amanda didn't give Richard time to think or protest. She simply winked at him, then went stomping to Kimberly's door. The door was locked, of course--but it was easy enough to shove the door open with a powerful shoulder hit. This Amanda proceeded to do, and in this way she "accidentally" walked in on Kimberly, naked from the waist down, masturbating herself both on her clit and in her asshole.

Kimberly shrieked and tried to hide, but her mom just laughed and grabbed her, tugging her back into the living room.

Yelling into Kimberly's ear, "Get control of yourself! Calm down!" eventually did the trick. Sobbing, crumpled on the floor just barely propping herself up on the elbows, Kimberly began controlling herself. Amanda then continued. "I'm sure you know we're going to punish you for what we just saw."

Kimberly nodded.

"Alright, stand up and put your hands on the couch."

"Please can I put my pants on?"

"Stand up. And put. Your hands. On the couch."

Kimberly complied.

Husband and wife then took this free opportunity to fully enjoy the sight of their daughter's ass waving fiercely red in agony as they rained blows down on it. After a while they turned her around and began hitting her thighs, now taking in the full sight of her desperate, pleading face as they caused her the worst pain she'd ever felt--placed, no less, around and on her upper thighs and pubis.

Then they turned her over once again and had her on her knees once more leaning over the couch. They just stood and watched for a few moments while she sobbed into the couch cushion. They caught each others' glance.

The signs were unmistakeable. Kimberly was crying, but her ass was also waving, up and down and occasionally side to side, in a fashion that strongly suggested, not just the pain of her spanking, but some kind of unbearable pleasure building up within her.

Amanda reached down to feel between Kimberly's legs--and chuckled. "Kimberly, oh my God!" she cried, amused. "You like this!"

She slapped Kimberly's pussy lightly, then roughly stroked it up and down a couple of times, laughing again when Kimberly moaned an unconvincing protest.

"Here," said Amanda, handing Richard the belt. "You spank her for a minute, I'll be right back."

Kimberly braced herself, but it wasn't enough. Richard hit her, not on the ass, but on the sensitive backs of her two lovely, skinny thighs. She squealed continuously during this treatment, punctuated by hiccups and sobs. Her legs went rigid behind her and she trembled with the effort involved in not trying to escape to the left or the right. "Spread your legs!" he told her, and she complied. This made her more stable--and opened up her pussy to his view from behind. He began spanking her right below that pussy, the blows wrapping around her legs to deliver a sting to their insides just below the lips.

Amanda returned, holding her largest dildo in hand. She sat down on the couch next to hwere Kimberly was bent over in pain. She showed Kimberly the dildo--several inches wide, over a foot long. "Kimberly, from what we sw in your room, it looks like you think you would like anal. Is that right?"

Kimberly nodded, turning red with embarrasment.

"Your father and I think you would probably give up on that little fantasy if you felt what it was really like. So I'm going to give you a choice. You can have this fucked up into your ass for ten minutes--and please understand we'd be pretty violent about it since we're talking about actual anal sex here--or else you can have your father's cock in your ass til he cums. It's up to you."

Kimberly looked back at Richard, appalled. Richard maintained a poker face, but was in truth gobsmacked at what he'd just heard his wife say. Never in his wildest fantasies would he have thought things would come to this.

But, he was in fact incredibly turned on. His raging erection was clearly visible through his pants. He was shocked even at himself for what he did next, but do it he did. He began undoing his pants, and to his daughter's horror pulled out his fully hardened member to show her. "For comparison purposes" he said.

The choice was easy. Kimberly knew the bigger dildo would probably injure her. She knew her only real choice was to let her father fuck her in the ass. The continuous drip in her pussy encouraged her in this decision as well.

And so it came to pass that the first sex between Richard and his daughter was anal, and though it had the semblance of forced consent, in truth it was no rape. Kimberly was in short order pushing right back against him, striving to feel him more and more deeply inside her no matter how much it hurt. The pain was in fact something she found herself seeking after. It helped her build up to her impending orgasm. When it came, it lasted for minutes, completely exhausting her, until she was finally lying practically inert across the floor below the couch. Her dad finally cumming insider her was practically an ant-climax.

When he finally got up off of her, her mom immediately squatted down in his place. She had the giant dildo attached to a strap on. Her mom first scooped her dad's cum out with her fingers, then smeared it right across her daughter's face, then withou further ado, began fucking her daughter's asshole with the giant fake cock. Kimberly screamed, and indeed, she bled. And when it was over, she begged for more.


"Permission?" replied Richard. "I guess not. But you never said no, and you were desperate for more as soon as it was over. We've never stopped since. With Sandra, it would almost certainly be different. She'd say no. She would not want it. She would try to get away. She'd be afraid. I mean, like you said--we're talking about rape. Actual, wrestle-her-down-and-force-her-to-fuck-you-against-her-will rape. That's totally different from what we did to you."

Kimberly sighed. "Anyway who needs permission? I just want to fuck that hot ass little body of hers, and she won't let me!"

Amanda was now on the bed, and pushing Kimberly's shoulders down so that Kimberly was on her back. Her mom stood on her knees over Kimberly's face, facing Kimberly's pussy, and slowly lowered herself down. Richard, meanwhile, took position at Kimberly's pussy, placing his dick at her entrance.

"Listen," said Amanda. "Let's go through the arguments," as she  began grinding against her daughter's face. She leaned down to take his cock into her throat for a few seconds, then let it go so that he could begin fucking Kimberly in earnest.

"Number one: We really want to. Number two: It's better for us to rape her than to rape some stranger. Number three: It's better for her to be raped by us, in the loving context of the home and family, than by some stranger on the street." She paused for a second, catching her breath between pelvic thrusts. She once again leaned down and took his cock into her mouth and throat, cleaning it of pussy juices before placing it back at her daughter's entrance. As he began fucking Kimberly again, Amanda continued. "Number four: She is seriously attractive. She deserves to get raped with a body like that. And finally, number five," and here she paused for a long while as she came on Kimberly's face. At the end of the orgasm, she looked up at him and smiled, then leaned forward and for a third time took his dick away from Kimberly's pussy, putting it in her own mouth instead. This time, Kimberly scooted out from under them, and took her own position with her face at his cock. Mother and daughter licked and stroked it, bringing him to the brink of orgasm.

Then they stopped and backed off.

Amanda continued her argument. "Number five is--you're not going to cum in or on or around either of us until you let us rape Sandra."

"Oh shit!" said Richard, his blueballs getting the best of him. He half crunched over with the sexual tension. He wasn't about to humiliate himself by jacking himself off in front of these two sexy females.


His wife and daughter laughed.

"Alright goddamit!" he said laughing. "Alright! We'll rape Sandra if it makes you happy!"

"Yes!" said both females together. As they said this, they could hear a door closing in the distance. Sandra had just arrived!

"Let's do it right now!" exclaimed Kimberly, and though Richard hadn't been expecting it to happen so soon, there it was. It turned out Amanda and Kimberly had a plan already in place. Amanda quickly donned a robe, and had Richard do the same. Meanwhile Kimberly lay across the bed, while Amanda stood to one side of her holding an electric cord. Amanda tossed Richard his belt, then said with some urgency "beat her!"

Richard was always up for a duaghter-beating, but he wasn't sure what was happening. But when Kimberly hissed, grinning, "Just do it dad!" The girl was laying naked spread eagle beneath him grinningly begging him t beat her for no particular reason. He felt quite comfortable in complying. He landed one right across the very top of her left thigh, just below her pussy.

He never went soft on Kimberly when beating her, but he wasn't making a particular effort to be very cruel this time. Yet she screamed at the first blow as though fearing for her life, then for some reason yelled out "Eight hundred!" then pretended to weep.

Richard hesitated at this strange reaction, but then his wife, with no hesitation, laid a cruel bnlow directly across both of Kimberly's nipples. Kimberly's scream wasn't quite so fake this time, and afterward she named another number. "Eight hundred and five!" More pretend weeping.

So, Richard surmised, they were pretending to be punishing Kimberly for something. Sandra was to hear the blows and the counting (for some reason by fives) and think she understood what she was hearing--and go about her business. For some reason.

Not needing to understand why in order to enjoy himself, Richar continued. Next blow, across the right thigh. A pitiful scream. A cry of "Eight hundred ten!"

This went on for a minute til Kimberly cried out "Eight hundred forty!" and Amanda signaled for Richard to stop. Kimberly writhed around on the bed in pain for a while, and Richard considered taking her right then and there. But before he could decide to do so, Amanda called out. "Sandra! Come in here right now!"

After several seconds, the door opened, and Sandra walked in meekly--her eyes widening in horrified surprise at the sight of her little sister, severely bruised, and naked to boot, her face puffed with tears, laying on the bed in fetal position. "What... what happened?" she asked.

Amanda said, sternly, "We just got your grade reports in the mail."

Sandra's eyes went even wider. "But... we got all A's didn't we?"

"Apparently not," her mother replied. "They had all F's."

Richard could see Sandra's knees nearly buckle as she did the mental math. An F is eighty swats. (10 for an A--just to keep the girls on their toes--20 for a B, 40 for a C, and 80 for an F.) Eighty times seven courses would equal five hundred sixty swats!

The surrealness of this situation seemed to make Sandra dizzy. She looked all around the room as though searching for an escape, something to make what she was seeing and hearing make sense. She knew, of course, that she'd been doing A level work in all her classes. And though spankings were common in their household, and though she knew that for some reason her sister got a lot more spankings than she did, she'd never seen or imagined that either of them would be spanked in the nude. Bare-assed at the worst, and even that would be extremely rare.

And she could see her sister had been beaten on the fronts of her legs, and even on her breasts!

And she knew they were both A students!

"There's... got to be a mistake, right? They printed out the wrong grades or something?" This last word turned into a very silly sounding squeak as her fate began insinuating itself into her mind.

"I'm not going to entertain speculations," said her mother. "Anyway, I've already punished your sister as you can see. How would it be fair for me to punish her and not you?"

Sandra started to tear up and sob. "But that's... five hundred..."

"Yes, yes, five hundred sixty swats. It is harsh. But it is what you deserve."

"How... I would like..."

Her mother made an exaggerated sigh. Meanwhile, Kimberly made a show of getting up from her fetal position with a sigh. "It's okay," she said pitifully. "We can make it less if we... if we..."

"If you move, Sandra, as you know, we have to start over."

"Yeah, I know!" squealed Sandra beginning to blubber inconsoleably.

"So if we tie you up so you can't move, that will help you. But in return for making it easier on you, we'd increase the number of swats by one and a half. That's 840 swats."

"Please don't!" yelled Sandra in a panic.

"So we'll do for you what we did for your sister. We'll make each swat hurt more, in return for making them count for five each. So you lay on the bed face up, we tie your arms and legs to the posts, and then we'll hit you on your legs, tummy and breasts, for five swats each. That makes a total of 188 actual hits. You've taken that many befrore haven't you?"

Sandra nodded, unable to bring herself to speak.

"Good," said her mom. "So then, take off your clothes."

"But... we never..." Nude spankings was not a thing in their family so far as she knew.

"Sandra, don't be rebellious. This is a skin spanking, not an over-the-clothes spanking. You know that. And for me to hit your breasts and legs, your clothes have to be off."

"Even my underwear?!"

"Yes, nothing should be covered." Not actually convincing--but Sandra was in no position to think critically.

Richard hit the bed with his belt, loudly. "Now, or we'll double it!" He was catching on.

Sandra leapt in fear, then quickly began removing her clothes. "Over to the bed," said her mom, and Sandra obediently laid down, shivering in fear.

As her mom and dad began securing her wrists and ankles Sandra began wailing, "No, please, no, please, no please..."

Kimberly, meanwhile, secretly pulled her own belt off of her pants on the floor. Mom and dad took positions on either side of Sandra while Kimberly crawled, out of sight, to the foot of the bed. "Get a hold of yourself, Sandra."

Sandra got a hold of herself.

Without drawing attention to the fact, Amanda now disrobed, and signaled for Richard to do the same. This was it. His heart pounding, he let his robe fall to the ground, his erect cock now in plain view.

"Let's begin," said Amanda, before Sandra had noticed her parents were nude on either side of her. At Amanda's utterance, Kimberly popped up, belt in hand, grinning maniacally. "Surprise, sis!" she yelled, and immediately landed a cruel blow with the belt's buckle--directly onto Sandra's pussy lips.

Her heart-rending, utterly despairing scream was exquisite. All hesitation lost, Richard desperately wanted to stuff his innocent daughter's face with his dick. But he knew how to delay gratification, and he did so now as Kimberly continued to beat her sister's pussy. Sandra looked left and right in desperation for help, thinking surely her parents couldn't let her sister get away with this. Now it finally registered with her that her mom and dad had disrobed--and that her mom was nakedly jacking herself off with one hand, and raising a power cord in the air with the toher, and meanwhile, her dad had his engorged dick in one hand, and a belt in the other. "What the fuuuuuuuuck?!?!" she cried, which despite himself made Richard laugh as he brought his belt down across Sandra's legs. At the same moment, Amanda's power cord, looped over once, hit Sandra's right nipple dead on, and Sandra was a goner--every muscle in her body concentrating on an impossible escape while her face was stretched taut in a rictus of fear and pain.

This was better than any of them could have imagined.

They didnt' count blows or minutes. They just went on until they couldn't hold themselves back anymore from orgasm. Richard shoved Kimberly out of the way as he climbed up onto the bed taking a position over Sandra. Sandra gained coherence just enough to realize with terror what he was about to do. As he lowered his dick to her vaginal opening she cried desperately, "No, please, no, please, no please, please no, don't do this!"

Richard's daughter Sandra was very beautiful. Her entreaties made him excruciatingly hard. When she let loose the pleading eyes, the troubled, despairing pout, looking up at him with her newly-striped breasts in view below the curve of her neck, lightly brushing against his nipples as he lowered himself over her, how could he say no to the prospect of taking her pussy's innocence away from her?

"Shit!" he cried as the incredible power of this situation overcame him. While his daughter wept in humiliation and even nihilistic sadness, he pushed remorselessly into her, and began pumping himself into her over and over again. It didn't take long. He forced a kiss into her weeping mouth, then propped himself up on his hands and looked deeply into her desperate eyes as he began depositing sperm inside her. With each spurt he forced himself more and more deeply inside her, making her cries louder and louder with each thrust.

When the final bit had come out of him, he just stayed there, feeling every electric inch of his cock impaling her small body. "Jesus Dad!" exclaimed his other daughter Kimberly, watching from the sidelines, masturbating herself. "That was fucking incredible!" And then she kissed him, and climbed up onto her sister's face. "Fuck my pussy with your face, Sandra," she said almost idly. Sandra wept, but did as she was told, while her dad's cock continued to impale her. "Now," said Kimberly, "fuck me through her."

He had just cum, completely emptying himself out. And yet, amazingly, contrary to all past experience, he knew he was ready for more. He was going to reach into Kimberly through Sandra's pussy. He just knew it. He knew it couldn't be done, but he knew he would do it. With desperate effort, he began practically ripping Sandra apart with his cock.

For a few minutes he and Kimberly kissed passionately while crushing Sandra between them--Kimberly on her face, Richard in her pussy. But finally Amanda couldn't simply watch any more. She straddled Sandra's torso in between Kimberly and Richard, and began making out with Kimberly while rubbing herself off on Sandra's torso. Richard, behind her, took her breasts in his hands and continued thrusting into sSandra while making out with his wife's neck, shoulders and back until finally he had cum yet again.

Only now did he disengage from Sandra while his wife and other daughter finished themselves off on top of her.

In the aftermath, nearly silent in awe at the incredible pleasure and audacity of what the three of them had just done, they gagged Sandra because her cries once it was all done did not make for a pleasant household. After gagging her, they untied her legs, turned her over so her arms were crossed, and tied her back so that now her back side was fully exposed. Pointlessly, to satisfy only the curiosity of their own cruelty, they took turns beating her ass and the backs of her legs. But they did not fuck her again at that point. Instead, they left her there while the three of them scrounged around for leftovers for dinner and took in a show on the TV. They didn't speak much, because they all knew what they needed to know. That Sandra, the beautiful innocent daughter that they all had loved, and still did however twisted that may seem, was now their victim and their slave forever, and that her virgin asshole was just laying there ready to be taken for the first time. There was no rush. They'd get around to it. Let her wait, and recover a little, and anticipate, and fear. That could only make her coming rape even better for them.

After an hour or two, when they'd all recovered, and were thinking about how the rest of the night would go, Amanda broached the subject with the following remark: "I get dibs on her asshole. You got to go first with Kim."

Richard grinned sheepishly. "Fair enough!" And with that, they returned to their bedroom.

Sandra, upon hearing them enter, began grunting and squealing again, attempting to escape from her bonds. "I'll get her ready," Richard volunteered, and began paddling her ass and legs. Meanwhile, Kimberly climbed up on the bed and laid down on her tummy, with her legs over each of Sandra's shoulders, and with her ass right in front of Sandra's face. "Ungag her, okay Mom?" she asked, and Amanda did so--after having placed the strap on she'd previously only ever used on Kim around her own pussy. Once the gag was out, Sandra started screaming "Let me go you fucking perverts!" but was immediately muffled by Kimberly's ass as she scooted back onto her sister's face. "Tongue in asshole, sis," Kim said as her mom placed the strapon at the tip of Sandra's own asshole.

Sandra stubbornly kept her mouth shut until her mom began to push. The pain of this caused her to cry out, a cry which Kimberly took the opportunity to muffle with her asshole. "Tongue in asshole! Mom doesn't stop til you make me cum!"

As mom began thrusting into and out of Sandra's butthole, Sandra began to realize through the stretching, tearing agony of it what she was infor. She realized she'd better make her sister cum real quick. Sandra's tongue began fucking Kimberly's asshole with abandon while Sandra screamed and Kimberly cried out an ecstatic "Oh fuck yes!"

Kim was able to orgasm from anal stimulation alone on occasion, but after a while she became desperate enough to simply place her hands down onto her pussy and begin bringing herself to orgasm. Meanwhile Amanda made a point to slide her gigantic fake cock all the way inside and outside her daughter's ass so as to maximize the pain of it. Meanwhile she was simply enjoying the view of Sandra's humiliation.

Kim held off several times, but finally came explosively, practically breaking Sandra's neck as she did so. Reluctantly she climbed down off the bed while Amanda, removing the strap on, took her own place sitting in front of Susan's face. Richard, meanwhile, was now going to have the pleasure of fucking Sandra's unwilling asshole.

Kimberly sat beneath her dad, one hand clamped down rubbing her own pussy, the other placed over Sandra's own clit. Kim began stroking. While their dad fucked Sandra's ass, Kimberly was going to force Sandra to cum whether she liked it or not. "Don't cum til she does, Dad!"

So Richard controlled himself, just fucking Sandra with the head of his cock to maximize the stretching pain she would undergo, while ensuring that he wouldn't accidentally squirt inside her too early. Sandra's ass and pelvis began involuntarily reacting to her sister's despicable act--adding to Richar'd's own pleasure as it was aas though she was fucking him back with her ass. Sandra's mouth--muffled inside her mother's muff--began to emit groans that were clearly not only pained.

Her orgasm was a small one, but it was unmistakeable. Her asshole clenched Richard's dick in a very pleasurable fashion. Her body tensed up for several seconds as she tremored with the unasked for and unwanted pleasure. And so, on cue, he began raping her asshole with gusto, eliciting agonized screams from her as she continued to go down on her mother. He thrust his dick deep inside her, in his abandon not caring if he tore her colon open, and poured his sperm into his daughter's ass, yelling with the shear pleasure of it. At nearly the same time his wife took a firm hold of Sandra's head and uncompromisingly pushed it right onto her cunt, having an orgasm of her own.

Kimberly simply giggled, stroking herself to her next orgasm while continuing to play with Sandra's pussy. "Fucking yes, guys, fucking yes."

When he finally was able to remove himself from Sandra's asshold, Kimberly dug out and caught the dripping sperm and left the room for a moment. She came back with a slice of bread, across which she had spread the ass-cum mixture. She held it in front of Sandra's defeated face, letting her realize what it was, letting her smell the sickening aroma. "Dinner!" she said to the girl, who was still restrained and unable to get away. And, holding Sandra's nose, Kimberly shoved the bread slice into her mouth and forced her to eat it.

Meanwhile, Richard and Amanda were catching each other's glances, wondering what to do with Sandra for the rest of the night. Would they let her sleep, or would they continue using her? A compromise of some kind--give her a nap til they felt like fucking her again? But Kimberly interrupted their incipient conversation once she was done force feeding her sister the ass-cum sandwich. "Please, fucking please, let me have this bitch for the night? I promise I'll give her back tomorrow."

A keening, pitiful wail from Sandra, "Why are you doing this to meeeeeeeeeee?" to which Kimberly replied with a slap, then jamming her elbow into the side of Sandra's face and leaning with all her weight, she repeated, "Please?"

There were those entreating puppy dog eyes again. How could he resist?

They decided to have Sandra spend the rest of the night in Kimberly's room while Richard and Amanda themselves got some rest. They untied Sandras arms, then resecured them together by the wrists behind her back. Then they guided her to a standing position and untied her legs. She didn't try to kick or anything--she was pretty well broken by now. Instead she simply meekly walked as they half-escorted, half-carried her over to Kimberly's room.

Kimberly had beams across her ceiling from which she hung various small posters and other art objects. Now they turned out to be very useful for Kimberly's purposes. Sandra's wrists were now tied above her head, spread apart, on opposite sides of two of the support posts for the beams. Her ankles, meanwhile, were secured to two of the feet of Kimberly's bed. Sandra was now completely exposed on every side, in a standing spreadeagled position. Her perky, youthful, newly-striped breasts heaved up and down with Sandras every sobbing breath. Her pussy and ass were in full display. Her discomfort was nothing to the humiliation and shame she had to be feeling right now.

"We'll leave you girls to it!" Amanda said with a grin, and with that, she and Richard made their exit as Kimberly grinned in anticipation of her alone time with her sister.

Of course, Amanda and Richard had a camera in Kimberly's room still--and they never had gotten around to telling her about it. So though they had intended to go to bed, they could hardly resist. They pulled out the laptop, switched on the camera, and began watching the proceedings.

Kimberly began in a surprising fashion. She knelt down in fromnt of her sister and began licking her pussy. Sandra squealed and tried to drwaw back, but to no avail. Kimberly simply scooted forward and there was now no escape. Kimberly had plenty of experience with her mother, and knew how to draw an orgasm out of a girl. And so, Sandra, despite herself, feeling the full force of her anger and sorrow, nevertheless began building up an orgasm, and after a while, began actively seeking after it.

Kimberly stopped, looked up and grinned. "Do you want more?"

Defiant, Sandra said "No! Let me go!"

And Kimberly simply continued. Every time she felt her sister coming onto the brink of the brink of orgasm, she looked up and asked again. "Do you want more?" And several times, Sandra angrily insisted, "No!"

Finally, though, the tension was too much. With a cry that combined desire with shame, she finally broke down and said "Yes!"

At that, Kimberly laughed. And then she bit her sister's pussy.

If Sandra had screamed before, she now shrieked in a way none of them had ever heard before. Kimberly dug right in with her teeth, grinding her sister's pussy in between them, drawing drops of blood even, while Sandra struggled against her. And then, insanely, Kimberly started licking Sandra's clit again--and even through the burning pain of the bite, Sandra kenw she was gone. She started fucking her sister's face back almost immediately.

"Do you want more?"

Sandra just wanted this over with. "Yes! Yes! MOre!" "Please!"

Kimberly laughed again--and grabbed two binder clips from the floor which had heretofore gone unnoticed. These she placed carefully directly onto her nipples. Not at their base, where they would cause a severe aching pain, but instead directly onto the nipple skin, where they would cause an utterly unbearable fiery sting for as long as they remained.

Sandra did a shrieking dance of agony for at least a minute before Kimberly began going down on her again. It took longer to bring Sandra to the brink this time--the building pleasure would cause her nipples to swell, multiplying the agony in them and delaying the orgasmic build up even further. But finally, Kimberly felt the right kind of tensing, and once more, stopped, giggling. "Still want more?"

At Sandra's tortured affirmative cry, desperately pleading for this to be ended, Kim began whipping Sandra all the way up and down both sides of her body, and did not stop til she had bruised practically every square inch--taking particular enjoyment out of the process of hitting the nipple clamps repeatedly til they dislodiged. Then she replaced the clamps, sat back down, and went to town on Sandra's clit once again.

By this time Richard and Amanda had both stopped paying direct attention to the screen. Amanda had decided to do richard a favor--going down on him while he continued to watch. She'd figured, she said, she could watch the video later. Meanwhile, Ricahrd, taken over by lust at the sight on the screen and the feel of his wife's tongue playing with his dick, had almost involuntarily leaned back, eyes closed, neck taut.

So they didn't see what caused the inhuman scream and Sandra's loss of consciousness. But the moment they  heard, after another bout of "do you want more," a cry from Kim of  "Oh shit! Mom! Dad! Come quick!" they ran directly into her room.

Sandra's exquisite body was completely limp, her mind completely gone. Her diaphragm was falling and rising, which was a relief to all three of them. But she was completely unresponsive. There below her was an electric cord, one side plugged into the outlet, the other side crudely cut off of the device it had once been a part of. Apparently, Kim had attempted a little electricity play. They'd all seen it in videos and read about it in stories, which is surely where she got the idea. But having no clue about the safety issues involved, it appeared that, when she had jammed the wire up her sister's pussy, her plan to cause her sister the most amazing torture she could imagine had backfired--and Sandra now could feel nothing at all.

Sandra's awoke in her own room, still nude, but not tied up. Her mother was sitting (nude) next to her, cleaning her face with a warm towel. Sandra's dad and sister, meanwhile, were bustling around the room, putting things into a big cardboard box.

Sandra began blubbering almost immediately as she realized it had been no nightmare, but an all to real experience. "Mom! What's happening? Why are you doing this?"

"There, there," Amanda replied congruously. "I'm glad you're awake. It does no good to hurt an unconscious body."

Sandra shrank back at this, drawing her knees up, shrinking back into the corner her bed was placed against. "What did I do?" As though this were a punishment.

Amanda and Kimberly laughed at this, while Richard kept working. "Nothing!" said Amanda. "We just decided, since you are the hottest girl we know, that you deserved a good fucking, and we wanted to see what it would be like to hurt you without your permission.

"Do you hate me?!"

"Not at all, dear. In fact, I'd say we all love you very much." Kim nodded earnestly at this.

"That doesn't make any sense!"

"It makes perfect sense. You're acting like we've harmed you ins ome way."

Sandra was agog at this. "What. The. Fuck.? You fucking electrocuted me! You fucking beat me til I bled! You. RAPED. Me! Of course you've 'harmed' me!"

Amanda paused at this, looking for the right words. But it was Richard who spoke up. "I was iffy about all this, I ahve to admit. But now that we've been through it, I think I understand." He dropped another of Sandra's belongings into the box, then looked directly at her. "You're confusing harm with hurt. We've hurt you, but we haven't harmed you."

Weeping, Sandra shook her head back and forth. "I don't understand!" This particular reply pleased the other three--it showed the beginning of a kind of acceptance of her situation. She was admitting it might make a kind of sense, instead of insisting that it made no sense.

"That's a wonderfully humble reply," said her mother. "We hope you won't always be so humble, but we do hope that you sometimes try the humility tactic to get us to be gentle. It won't work, but will make your pain that much more fun for us."

Now Kimberly spoke, seeming almost amazed at the thought that came out of her mouth. "We'd only be harming you, sis, if raping your cunt and torturing your ass weren't exactly the most absolutely perfect things to happen to you. You, belong, where you are right now. We'd be harming you if we didn't do this. You wouldn't be the best hot fucking little bitchass fuckable human being you could be if we didn't do this to you. That would be harm."

Amanda kept her gaze on Sandra's weeping face. "Yes, I'd say that's an eloquent enough way to put it."

All of Sandra's belongings were in the box now. Richard took it out of her room while Kim began scooting her dresser away from the wall. "Where is he taking my stuff?"

Kim looked at Sandra pityingly. "Aw, Sandra, come on, you have to know you don't have any stuff anymore. This is all mine now."

Sandra now attempted, fairly pitifully, to get up and physically stop her sister. But in short order her mom and dad had her subdued, her wrists ankles tied together behind her back, her torso and breasts laid flat on the cold hardwood floor. She had to watch, helpless, growling her anger almost like an animal, as her room was stripped of all belongings except the bed--and even that was stripped of its mattress. If she had a choice of where to sleep, it would be on the floor or on the wire mesh of her bedframe from now on.

Once they were finished, Kim yawned and stretched. "Fucking exhausted. Let's turn in."

The other two agreed. Sandra was gagged, her knee wrapped with another cord and the other end of the cord tied to her bed over the mattress frame so she could scoot ouaway from it. And shShe was left there, on the floor, hogtied nude (right next to a cold air conditioner vent as it happened), as her parents and her sister meanwhile retired to the parents' room to make love for a while before falling asleep.

And that was that.

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