SexStory1 » The Barbarian Queen


            As the last of her maidservants was dragged screaming from her chambers she slumped, defeated and distraught into her divan, her royal robes dishevelled. Apart from the opulent surroundings no-one would guess that this was a queen of what was only three months ago a thriving kingdom.

            Then the hated Romans arrived claiming the kingdom for their empire and demanding submission from her husband, the king. Her husband’s armies had proved no match for the invader and their city was soon under siege. The king had tried to organise an escape for her and his daughters, the four princesses, but no escape was possible. Her only consolation was that these children of his previous wife, these royal children who so hated her and who she despised almost as much as the Romans, would also suffer her fate. Though they were not much younger than her 25 years an enormous gulf separated her from her stepchildren.

            The final Roman attack had started this morning and by midday it was clear that the city was lost. She was unsure of her husband’s fate but assumed him to have fallen in the defence of his city (in fact he had been captured and was already a prisoner in his own dungeons).

            Now the palace was also taken with all the royal guards dead or captured. She and the last of her servants had huddled for safety in her chambers and it was some time before they were discovered. But soon a band of Roman soldiers, searching for loot and women, burst into the room.  Two of her younger maids were already stripped naked and about to be raped when a more senior office arrived and restored a degree of order to the scene. He quickly recognised her status and sent a runner to his commander to advise him of the discovery. He then told the others that the women were their’s but she, the queen, was not to be in any way harmed.

            It was then that the women were dragged out of the room, some naked, some with their clothing being ripped off them. She could still hear their forlorn wailing, some begging for mercy, others screaming in pain from the assault. She shuddered, knowing that their fate would soon be her’s. Their pleas for mercy would have been ignored anyway but, being made in their native Germanic tongue, were incomprehensible to the Latin speaking Romans. She at least had the advantage of education and spoke enough Latin to get by.

            As the ruckus outside her door died to a background noise of soldiers laughing and women sobbing, occasionally interrupted by a shriek as one or other of her servants suffered some new indignity, she tried to clear her mind and formulate her attitude to the invader and her captor. She was determined to live and would therefore not endanger herself totally, but within those bounds she had no intention of meekly submitting herself to the desires of the barbarian invaders.

            Now the noise from her antechambers stopped completely, followed by the barking of some undecipherable orders. Against her better judgement she slightly opened the door to see two soldiers of obviously high rank instructing the others to leave and the now drunken squad dragging the naked captives off to some other part of the palace. She closed the door and soon all was quite except for some faint discussion outside.

            She felt her turn was coming and was almost faint with fright, her heart pounding. Suddenly the door was open and one of the two commanders strode in, closing the door behind him. He briefly looked her and the room over and seeing a jug of wine poured himself a cup. Her heart almost burst with the tension.

            He was clearly of very high rank - she guessed, rightly, the general of the invading army. He was strong and armed and any thoughts of flight or resistance evaporated. He continued to examine the wine, the room and her but did not utter a word. Recovering some composure, she could stand it no longer.

            “I am queen of this realm and these are my private rooms. I wish to be left alone to mourn my lost family so I demand that you go now and post guards to protect me from your filthy soldiers.” Her voice shook but retained enough of its imperious tone.


Slowly he turned to look at her, smiling as he settled into the only chair in the room. He was pleased to find she spoke Latin - it would make things much easier. Still sipping her wine he finally spoke.. ”You were a queen but your realm is now part of the Roman Empire. Now you are nothing but another Roman captive. You will be safe from my men but only because you are now my procession. So now...”


“I am no-one’s procession. You may have captured me and I may be at your mercy, but you will never own me. If you are going to take me, do it now and then leave me in peace. I won’t resist but you will get no joy from the act.”


“You don’t understand your fate” he smiled. “I will not rape you but you will learn to willing give yourself to me. In three months, after I have completed this campaign, I return to Rome. For all that time you will be my personal slave, satisfying my every desire. After you have been fully trained to serve your master, you will be sold in Rome - if you’re lucky you will be bought by a rich Senator and your life will be peaceful and reasonably happy. Or you may end up being owned by some uncouth rich merchant and you will pray each day for death to relieve you of your pains.”

He was already calculating her worth in a Roman auction. Even through her bulky regal gown he could see she was tall (at least by Roman standards), blonde, which was all the rage in Rome, with hair half way down her back, young and slim. He could not yet evaluate her breasts, legs, belly and arse but that would come soon. Even so, if the unseen matched what he had already noticed and she were trained to be docile and attentive she would bring close to a record price. He anticipated the money and the fun of being the one to train her.


She was struck dumb for the moment. The fate her outlined was worse than she had imagined although what else could she expect.


“So now “ he continued “ you have to choose. You can accept your fate, kneel at my feet and begged to be shown how to be a good slave. Or....”. He left her to imagine the alternative.


She sneered her rejection of his offer. Slowly he rose from the chair and moved toward her. He fingered her gown and began to remove the cord that held it in place. Then he removed the gown itself. She was determined not to resist, to let him use her and then go. She had won their battle of wits all too easily.

Standing before him in her flimsy underclothes his hopes were meet. She was the most sensuous creature he had seen - breasts large and firm, legs slim and shapely, belly flat, arse rounded and tight. She would surely bring a record price in Rome or would make an unsurpassed gift for the fat emperor.

He turned her around and, using the cord from her gown, quickly secured her hands behind her. Then he stood back admiring her.

Just do it, she thought. “Just do it” she spate at him.

He removed his sword and scabbard, laying them on a desk. Then took his riding crop but instead of laying it there also began to flex it, testing its suppleness. Suddenly it dawned on her that he intended to use the crop on her.

“No, no “ she almost screamed....”please don’t”. She was backing away in terror but he was upon her. He grabbed the loose end of the long cord securing her hands, looped it over one shoulder, across her mouth and down the other shoulder, tying it to her bound hands. Her hands were pulled painfully up her back, while the cord cut into her mouth pulling her head back and choking off her pleas.

She was forced to her knees then her head pushed to the floor. Her long hair fell around her and he placed the leg of the heavy chair he had been using on some of that hair such that, if she tried to lift her head even slightly great chunks of hair would have been pulled out by the roots. She was a caged animal, trapped and unable to move - on her knees, her arms pinned high up her back, gagged, her head secured to the floor.

He again stood back to admire the scene. “Behold, the queen” he sniggered. He was in no hurry and was determined that she would suffer the maximum pain and humiliation. Gently, he rearranged her clothing so that her arse was virtually bare and then..... CRACK - the first blow struck home. Her body jerked forward and up trying to avoid the whip but the pain in her scalp immediately forced her to remain still. A red glowing line formed across her arse where the whip had struck. Tears of rage, humiliation and pain welled in her eyes.

CRACK....CRACK....CRACK...three mores blows, three more welts, her body jerking about within the constraints of her bindings, tears now flowing. Despite the gag, muffled screams reached her lips.

Another six blows and she was close to fainting. Each one struck slightly above or below the previous so that by now her whole arse was aglow. Then he stopped. She sensed he was getting himself more wine - the bastard thought so little of her that even in her current helplessness he preferred wine to her cunt. Then cooling water was being poured over her arse relieving some of the pain, making her body quiver as droplets ran down her arse, across its exposed hole and onward to her cunt.


He was again sitting in the chair, his boots against her face. “Now listen closely “ he begun. “You are completely helpless against me. At any time I can place you in this or any of a hundred other inviting poses. If need be, I can call for assistance just outside this door and any resistance from you will be completely overwhelmed. So the punishment you are receiving now can be repeated or increased entirely at my will. In the end, trust me, you will submit and give yourself over to my pleasure. Although I’m prepared to continue to inflict pain and humiliation on you for as long as it takes, it’s a shame to disfigure such a tempting morsel with constant beatings. So consider your position and ask yourself if you are prepared to suffer like this (CRACK.... the whip found its mark again, for emphasis) when the result will be the same as surrendering to me now. I will give you a few minutes.”


With that he rose, laid a further few strokes on her aching arse and moved the chair, allowing her to raise her head. Finally he placed his boot on her hip and pushed her onto her side.


He went to the door and called in another soldier. And there she lay, bound, gagged, aching from the assault, with only the flimsiest of clothing to hide her person, when the general’s adviser entered. They two men barely took any notice of her, as orders were passed to the general’s subordinate about the disposition of the captured city - the Roman soldiers were to be allowed to continue enjoying the fruits of their victory for another day but the word was to go out to stop all killing; all enemy males and children together with women not wanted by the soldiers were to be assembled in the market which was to be made a makeshift prison; the slave-traders were to be given access to the prisoners to begin an assessment of their worth; the entire population was to be sold.


She listened only passingly to the discussion, more interested in formulating her response to his threats. Maybe she could bargain... yes, that’s it....I’ll agree to give myself to him each night for the next three months and he’ll agree to set me free at the end of that period. She didn’t know how she would be able to stand spending each night with him satisfying his lusts, but anything was better than suffering the beatings she had just been through. She knew, as did he, that it would not be very long before she was on her knees begging for mercy and promising anything, so better to strike a compromise now. Yes, that was the course to be followed.


After the adviser left, the general did not immediately turn his attention to her as she had expected. Instead he spent the time investigating her rooms, presumably finding her bed, and making himself more comfortable. He changed into a tunic from his battle armour and ordered some food to be bought. As he sat eating and working on some papers she realised she had not eaten since morning and this made her discomfort all the greater.



At last. At last he approached her. Grabbing a fist of hair her bought her to her feet, and untied the loop of rope through her mouth. Her hands were still immobile but at least she could stretch her arms, and work her mouth and neck to get some feeling into them. “OK, what’s your decision?” he demanded matter-of-factly while he toyed with the whip menacingly.

Her heart pounded. She new her whole future depended on how she handled the next few minutes. She lowered her eyes. “You win...I’ll give myself to you. But first I need you to tell me what I’ll be required to do and to promise to set me free when we reach Rome.” She took a small step toward him and brushed ever so slightly against his arm. She had to make his desire so strong as to accept her terms.

She was so sensual and appealing that it was all he could manage to stop himself from grabbing her immediately and agreeing to anything to enjoy the pleasures of that body. But he wanted more and knew he would eventually get it, so remained as firm as his now throbbing cock.

“No, no, NO”. His voice was raised a little louder than previously. “You don’t understand. You are my procession, my slave. I don’t make bargains with slaves. I just want you to accept reality. Forget any thoughts of being set free. You are a slave forever hence. As to what you’ll be required to do, the answer is everything. Your body and all parts of it will be available to me whenever I want. You’ll fuck when I say fuck. You’ll suck when I say suck. You’ll do what I want, when I want, in any way I want, for as long as I want. You’ll forget the word ‘No’. Your whole life will be devoted to my pleasure. You’ll eat to stay healthy for me. You’ll sleep to stay refreshed for me. You’ll bathe to stay clean and fresh for me. You’ll dress for my pleasure.  In short, bitch, you’ll submit your free will to my will and will exist for and through me. Now drop to your knees and beg to be my slave. Call me master. Plead to be shown how to please me..... DO IT.”  His voice grew progressively louder and harsher, terrifying her with his intransigence.

“Sir, please, you ask too much. I cannot do these things. I don’t want to be punished any more but I cannot bring myself to act like a common slave-whore. Please give me time to think and decide.”

“I don’t want you to ACT like a slave-whore, I want to accept that that is what you are. But not common, not while your with me. Your life will be immeasurably better than that facing your past subjects. Most of them will end up the slaves of any pleb who can scrape together a few denarii and spend the rest of their lives being beaten, fucked and worked to death. You, at least at the moment (she didn’t miss the implied threat) are very lucky. And your time to think has expired. My friend here (he held the riding crop) will now go to work and will only stop when you have convinced me you have accepted your fate.”


The first blow fell on her already tender arse and several quickly followed. Without the gag she was free to screech and scream, moan and wail with each new strike. Standing, she could try to evade the blows but he simply followed her as she retreated around the room. She turned to protect her arse but he simply struck whatever was in front of him meaning blows fell on the front of her thighs, her belly and inner thighs (which bought the loudest screams). On and on he went and there was nothing she could do to protect herself. Suddenly he stopped.


She slumped to the floor, sobbing, exhausted. He retrieved his wine and took a few sips but within a minute was on her again, dragging her to her feet. The assault started anew. Before long her cries where replaced with pleads:

“Please stop, please.”

“I’ll be good, I promise”.

“I’ll do anything if you just stop, Please...PLEASE”.


Again he stopped. “You have one minute to convince me that you have changed.”

Immediately she came to him and fell at his feet. “I’m sorry, sir. I’ll be good. Just tell me what to do. I can’t stand it any more. Just tell me what to do”.


“Not good enough. Listen carefully. Tell me you are my slave. Tell me I’m your master. Call me master. Plead to be shown how to please me. Kiss my feet while you’re doing it.”


He knew she was close to total submission and was inclined to give her a short time to collect her thoughts and comply. But instead sighed “Time’s up” and laid a further five or six blows on her while her lay unresisting before him.


“Now try once more. This is your last chance. Next I’ll reapply the gag and all chances will be gone for today.”


 Slowly, but deliberately, she rose to her knees and positioned herself in front of him. She lowered her head to kiss one foot then the other. She knew she had to do this right...she could stand no more. “Please sir, Master (she quickly corrected herself), please have mercy or your miserable slave. I am your slave to do with as you please and my only desire, if slaves are allowed desires, is to learn to please you and to satisfy your every need. Please Master, show me how I can please you.” All the while she kissed and nuzzled his feet.


She didn’t see it but a smile filled his face and he sighed in relief and anticipation. He had won easily, expecting a much tougher battle from one so use to ruling. But she had lived a pampered life and the assault had shocked her from the start. She had never suffered such degradation and had no experience in how to resist it or accept it stoically. He knew that she would still baulk at some of the hurdles he would present her with, even refuse to obey on occasions but the big battle was over and winning the smaller battles would be far easier.


She dreaded the pause. Should she say more, do more? Would she suffer more blows because of some small mistake? She kissed his feet and waited.


She jumped in fright when he suddenly moved away but was relieved when he simply resumed the chair. She had had slaves all her life and knew better than to look up at him.

“Come here” he commanded. She began to stand and then, realising her error, crawled to him and again began kissing his feet.


“You accept your slavery?”

“Yes master”.

“You will do whatever I command without hesitation?”.

“Anything master”.

“OK, let’s see. I want to whip your arse once more...stand up and bend forward to accept the blows”.

She could not help a sob of despair escaping but immediately she complied. But instead of the loud, painfully crack of the whip, he merely rubbed the crop along one check of her buttocks. “Good girl” he said as she let out a giggle of relief, quickly checking herself so as to not offend him.  He reached for her bindings and began to undo the knots, freeing her hands. She rubbed her wrists vigorously and, now that her arms were free a brief thought of further resistance flashed across her mind. But she quickly dispelled the idea, knowing its futility. No, at least for now, she would do whatever he commanded.... she would do anything to avoid another beating. Anything.


Seated again he spoke. “Now I want to fully inspect my newest procession..... Strip”. She had anticipated this and complied immediately, first removing her upper clothing revealing her tits, then the rest. She stood naked before him while he examined her, marvelling at the beauty of the creature. He stood and turned her around, running his hands down her back, over her arse, down her thighs. Her skin was smooth, tender, flawless. Again she was turned around.  He raised her arms above her head, whispering “Keep them there”, with the effect of raising her tits to his touch. He caressed her neck, running a finger down the cleavage of the breasts, and across the smooth, flat stomach. Then up again to one tit and then the other, massaging, weighing, kneading. He rubbed the nipples between his fingers and felt them harden. Her tits were glorious, firm enough to hold their ample bulk upright. Again his hands moved down to her thighs. “Open them”. She parted her legs to give his hand access. Her fondled her cunt-lips and place one finger partially inside to test her tightness. “Have you had any children?”. “No master”.

Good, he thought, anticipating the coming evening.


Her face was flushed with embarrassment at being forced to accept his handling of her most private parts and with rage at being examined and appraised the way one would a prize brood mare.


Slowly he moved around behind her, touching, inspecting what ever took his fancy. From behind her he reached around cupping one tit in one hand, the other exploring the mound between her legs. He pulled her back against him forcing her buttocks against his cock. She knew she had to try to please him, and so slowly rolled her hips pushing alternately against his cock and the hands that explored her body. Her hands remained above her head. He stepped back from her. She could hear the tunic he wore being removed.

Again he returned to her from behind, but her naked arse now ground against his bare cock. She could feel his cock harden further as she rolled her hips against him and felt his breath shorten. Hope rose. Maybe this would be over quickly. She could bring him to an early climax and then he would leave her alone, at least for a while. All men were like her feeble husband, so overwhelmed by her beauty that the mere touch of her body meant an early explosion.

He was close to climax but was determined to make it last for as long as possible. It had been a long while since he had been with a woman of this quality and he found it hard to restrain himself. But finally he pulled away. She remained exactly as he left her, although he allowed her to lower her arms, while he settled himself with some wine.


In a few minutes he had regained some control. “Come here” he commanded, and she immediately scurried across the room, standing meekly, eyes lowered, before him. He took her by the back of the neck and pulled her mouth to his nipples. “Lick and suck”. As her tongue went to work, his nipples hardened. He guided her head back and forth between the nipples and over his chest, encouraging her when she used to tip of her tongue to tease each. She tried to position herself so that her tits were against his cock, hoping that she could still bring forth an early end. But he moved slightly away, avoiding the temptation. He obviously enjoyed her tongue’s attention because he kept her at it for a long time. But for him it was a chance to allow his cock to pull back from the climax he had so nearly reached.


 Finally, she felt pressure on her shoulder as he guided her to her knees. She immediately lowered her head to kiss his feet. He allowed her to do so for a short while, then commanded.. ”Straighten up”. Sitting on her heals, she sat up. Just in front of her eyes, his cock, hard, throbbing, bounced. “Lick it”. She moved closer and her tongue went to work. It ran along the base of his cock and upward along its length, reaching the exposed bulb at its end. She licked the head of his cock thoroughly, allowing her saliva to coat it. Again she moved down along the length to its base and back up becoming more feverish in her attentions as her sought to bring him to climax.


He stood motionless enjoying her flicking, wet tongue planning how he would use that mouth to test her total submission. He guessed that she would never have taken a man in her mouth and never experienced cum coating her throat and guessed that her submission to both would be equivocal.  “Lick my balls as well”. Her tongue moved over the sack below his cock but inexpertly and unsatisfyingly.

He moved away and sat in the chair calling her to kneel between his legs. “Have you ever sucked cock?”.

“No master, please show me how.” He was thrilled but not fooled by the subservience in her reply. At least she knew how to act the it would eventually come.

He took her finger and guided it over his cock and balls, explaining where her tongue should venture, what to do to each part, where the most sensitive and enjoyable spots were and how to best attend to each area. She listened closely expecting that failure to fully comply with his instructions would be painful for her. Again she was ordered to lick. Starting with the spot where the sack joined the crack in his arse her tongue moved back and forth over his balls. Slowly, as instructed, she moved up the length of his cock, continually returning to the starting point at the base of the sack, moving a little further up the cock each time. Finally she was again at the blue knob and attended to it as he had ordered, flicking, rolling her tongue around it and forcing the tip of her tongue into to small eye at its end.

Clearly she was performing well. He relaxed in the chair letting his head fall back, closing his eyes and luxuriating in her efforts. On and on she went, repeating the procedure again and again. Her mouth grew dry and her tongue ached from being so constantly extended, but she dared not stop, merely hoping that he would issue his next command soon.


“Put it in your mouth”. She was almost relieved to be able to rest her tongue. She placed the now enlarged knob of his cock between her lips and gently sucked. “You must continue to use your tongue.” She recommenced licking while she kissed and sucked.

She felt pressure behind her head as he guided her to take more cock into her mouth. She opened her mouth wider and accepted half its length. She continued to suck but was now afraid to do so too hard in case he climaxed in her mouth. She never dreamed that that was indeed his intention. While doing so her teeth touched his cock. “NO” he commanded. “You must never bite or close your teeth on it. Keep your lips tight around it but never use your teeth. Use your tongue to caress it and push it against the roof of your mouth. Keep sucking and take more. You must eventually take it all. I want to see your nose against my public fur and feel your chin against my balls. To do that you’ll need to relax your throat muscles and allow my cock to slide into your throat. You may gag on it at first. If you do you can move away a little but I will require you to eventually take it all. And all the while you must continue to use your tongue.”


Was he mad? There was no way she could fit the entire hated organ in her mouth. She would surely choke. He now had a handful of her hair and was guiding her to take more, alternately pushing her head down and then up until only the tip of the cock remained. Each time she was forced to take a little more until finally she felt it pressing against the back of her throat and panicked that she could not breathe. Each time he pulled her away and she grew confident that she could take his cock to that extent. But she had yet to take its full length. “You must relax your throat and swallow the last bit to get it all in”. She could hear his voice as though coming from a great distance. He grew impatient with her delays and began to push her head onto his cock more forcefully but still her throat wouldn’t accept his advancing cock-head.


After a while he dragged her head completely away. She guessed his anger at her failure to fully complete his instructions and expected a beating as a consequence. “Please Master, I’m trying but I cannot do this. You are too big for my mouth. Please have mercy. Please let me try again.”

She was surprised when he replied softly and kindly. “I know that you are trying. You will learn to do this for me but maybe not tonight. I’ll have to train you more slowly in this, but for now I’m close to coming and cannot hold back any longer. So take as much as you can and I’ll be well pleased.” While talking he had stood and thrown one of the large sitting cushions into the middle of the room. It was more like a large sack filled with duck down. He had her sit in it so that she was partially sitting, partially laying. Then he straddled her, kneeling with his thighs either side of her head.

As his cock pushed against her lips she again opened her mouth and he re-entered. The difference this time was that he could move in and out of her mouth while she lay still, pumping away at his own pace and will. “Keep sucking, keep licking” he commanded as he again pressed against her throat. “I will come very soon. When I do you must continue to suck and use your tongue until I tell you to stop. My cum will fill your mouth. You are neither to swallow it nor let any escape. Keep it all in your mouth. Every drop that doesn’t go in and stay in will earn you ten strokes from my friend (she knew he meant the riding crop). Understand?”

She had difficulty nodding and mumbling “Yes” with her mouth full of cock. He again withdrew so that only the tip of her tongue could reach him and then pumped forward. The thrusts were becoming more forceful, more frenzied. She was flushed with embarrassment at the defilement and exertion but she continued to suck and lick. She knew he was now on the point of climaxing and was disgusted that she would soon have his cream filling her mouth. But his threat concentrated her mind. Ten strokes for each drop. She would never stand it. She had to concentrate on taking it all.

He had again withdrawn and her tongue was working on the head of his cock. He was panting, grunting like a pig. Suddenly he again drove into her aching mouth. He was halfway in and his body stiffened.

The first explosion sent a ribbon of warm, sticky cum crashing into the back of her throat. The second seemed to take forever but in reality was only a second later. It was not as forceful but spewed forth liquid across the back of her tongue and teeth. The third likewise. He was now pumping again, withdrawing to her lips as ribbon after ribbon of cum coated the front and side of her mouth and her inner lips. Again he was all the way in sending more to the back of her throat and redistributing the rest.

Slowly his frenzy receded and he moved back and forth allowing her tongue to continue to excite him. Finally he stopped and simply laid on her, his cock still inside, as it grew smaller. Her mouth was full of cum and she waited anxiously for him to pull out so that she would be allowed to spit it out. But, remembering his instructions, she continued to lick and gentle suck on the shrinking cock. Occasionally he shuddered as her tongue found a particularly sensitive area.

As he started to withdraw, she remembered that she could not allow any to escape and so kept her lips tight around the receding member. He shook and sighed as the tip passed her closing lips.


Looking down on her, his now limp cock resting on her chin, he smiled with satisfaction. She had done well and he was more than pleased with the way she had meekly acceded to his desire and followed his instructions to the letter. Once shown how to do it, she had performed beautifully. He was sure that with a little training, fucking her face would become one of his favourite pass-times.

“Show it to me” he finally ordered, just when she was beginning to think that there was no way she could hold the vile fluid in her mouth any longer. She slowly opened her mouth to reveal the great globs of cum, some sticking to the roof of her mouth and tongue, some glistening between her teeth.. “Very nice” he mumbled, almost to himself. “You can swallow it now”.  The look of horror that shoot across her face told him that she didn’t expect this. “Now!” The threat in his voice was not missed. Closing her eyes with resignation, as though to block out the world, she gulped it down, feeling the slimy stuff coating her throat and its warmth in her empty stomach. Much still stuck to her tongue and teeth and she began to suck it down also, knowing this was the only way to get it out of her mouth.

While she used her saliva to clean out her mouth he slumped in the cushion beside her, finally feeling the exhaustion of the day’s events - taking a city and a queen in one day was tiring.


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